How do you place a lifetime of memories into a single room?

We were recently contacted by a daughter of a client who told us the following: “Knowing that my grandfather is nearing the end, Home by Choice gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with him. Instead of cleaning, fixing meals, or running errands, I get to spend quality time with him listening to stories from his childhood, telling him what my kids are up to, and even sharing a glass of tea with him on the swing.” That’s PRICELESS!

Seniors move less frequently from their current housing than any other age group. This residential inertia is not surprising. They typically own their homes (80% of seniors do) and most occupy comfortable quarters in familiar neighborhoods and communities. Often they are also psychologically attached to their homes, which symbolizes their having “made it”.

Seniors who develop physical or cognitive impairments are especially unequivocal about staying put. They prefer to remain in their familiar homes where they can package together a combination of family assistance with home and community-based professional care. This has given rise to the concept of “aging with choice or aging in place”. This phrase involves more than seniors simply staying in their homes. It also implies that seniors can cope successfully with their vulnerabilities, either by themselves or with assistance of family or professional caregivers.

Making the right choice of caregivers is critical.

During the summer months, Home by Choice has run an ad that reads as follows: “Some of the fondest childhood memories are backyard picnics with cousins at Grandma’s house.

Home by Choice was founded to assist seniors or the home bound with that same gentle kindness learned from Grandma. In that ad is a picture, which to me is priceless. The picture is of four children, ages seven and under, sitting at a picnic table eating watermelon. Those children – from left to right are – my wife, her brother (who now owns that watermelon farm), her cousin and her sister.

Home by Choice allows seniors to age in place gracefully. Besides, by moving to other options, how do you place a lifetime of memories into a single room?

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